Thursday, May 6, 2010


New anims!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Updates and new demoreel.

Updates: Freelance project, Khang project, Joe project, Borderlands and FFXIII. I also got the chance to animate on a really kick ass model from probably my most played game ever. Hopefully they let me show it so y'all can see it. In addition to all that I recently watched Tremors again and feel obligated to animate a lip synch from it. haha.

However, I DID manage to go back to a few old anims and totally redo them and comp in some backgrounds and missile smoke, woot! Put them all together and what do ya get? A brand new reel! Here it is:

I can show some new stuff when I gets me some clearance! Until then thanks for checking the new reel. :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WIP:: Jobs grow on jobbies

A bit more tweaking needed but heres where its at:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Guirrero Jump

More Updates!

As per CGTALK requests, added a little more detail to the proxy BG, fine tuned a bunch of the subtle movements, added environmental animation (shingles only), and weighted him up.


[Second iteration of this:]

As per request, fine tuned a bit more, had him pull the axe out of the roof. Also adjusted the timing for added weight and left on a motion blur.

[First iteration of this:]

Did a bunch of work to the rig, built the inside of the mouth, facial blend shapes so he can get angry, blink, and umm...well soldiers dont really get happy so I didnt make a smile. Though I guess I should since I bet he likes that big ass axe. haha.

Blocked this in today for fun. Wanted to test the rig out sooooo....there ya go. Ill decide if I want to finish it tonight or not after a bit o mass effect. DAMN YOU SHEPARD!

I WOULD be playing Borderlands, but one of the trio red-ringed like a jerk. Hurry up and get your Xbox back so I can have regenerating ammo!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

MEL and Max Rigs

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Thats right, I was switchin it up. MaxScript is so damn useful but I didnt really know too much about MEL so I dusted off the ol' books and started crankin' out some code!

As an animator, I dont exactly have a degree in C# or shader programming, but I figure if you know what you are dealing with, you can be that much better.

I also played with this guy a bit.

I mostly was dissecting his rig and seeing what makes him tick though as I got into it I decided to make a quick animation with him. Ill be doing that today.

If you are interested in the rig I found it here.
The author of this character is Josh Burton.

However all that rigging and coding got me all sorts of amped to animate something. Sooooo...I did this:

This is Guirrero. Created by John Martini.

I am in the process of rigging this one (as you can see the fingers still need better skinning), though felt obligated to get this guy running around (literally) so John could see his boy in action. I'll finish it soon dood! I swear!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Fun with motion graphics

Motion graphics animated opening for Jade Swell's demoreel. Used in this was After Effects with Trapcode Particular plugin, 3DS Max and Nuke.

Replaying in firefox: Firefox has some kind of bug where you can't see the controls in a quicktime mov unless its skinned on top of the video embed. You can either guess where it is (the timecode and controls are there, just invisible), or you can double click the play area to get it to Pause/Play. Hope this helps.

A few from 2009

Found a bunch of playblasts and tests from 2009...Fun fun!

Just double click on any of them to see them work or if you can actually see the play controls, use those. (Theres a bug with firefox and quicktime pro..blegh)

DVD Intro I was told you could only have one cryptic rig per scene. Muahaha. I contest this!

I was playing with different rigging methods for this one. Riggers everywhere would cry if they saw this ones modifier stack. Poor Zero. A rig off Kiel's site. Thought it was pretty sick nasty so I played with it for a night.

Unsheathing the giant Wrench of doom! "Hi!"

A clip from Harold and Kumar 2. Thought it was the funny. Used Pete's rig for it. A wizard.