Friday, February 19, 2010

Guirrero Jump

More Updates!

As per CGTALK requests, added a little more detail to the proxy BG, fine tuned a bunch of the subtle movements, added environmental animation (shingles only), and weighted him up.


[Second iteration of this:]

As per request, fine tuned a bit more, had him pull the axe out of the roof. Also adjusted the timing for added weight and left on a motion blur.

[First iteration of this:]

Did a bunch of work to the rig, built the inside of the mouth, facial blend shapes so he can get angry, blink, and umm...well soldiers dont really get happy so I didnt make a smile. Though I guess I should since I bet he likes that big ass axe. haha.

Blocked this in today for fun. Wanted to test the rig out sooooo....there ya go. Ill decide if I want to finish it tonight or not after a bit o mass effect. DAMN YOU SHEPARD!

I WOULD be playing Borderlands, but one of the trio red-ringed like a jerk. Hurry up and get your Xbox back so I can have regenerating ammo!

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