Monday, February 15, 2010

A few from 2009

Found a bunch of playblasts and tests from 2009...Fun fun!

Just double click on any of them to see them work or if you can actually see the play controls, use those. (Theres a bug with firefox and quicktime pro..blegh)

DVD Intro I was told you could only have one cryptic rig per scene. Muahaha. I contest this!

I was playing with different rigging methods for this one. Riggers everywhere would cry if they saw this ones modifier stack. Poor Zero. A rig off Kiel's site. Thought it was pretty sick nasty so I played with it for a night.

Unsheathing the giant Wrench of doom! "Hi!"

A clip from Harold and Kumar 2. Thought it was the funny. Used Pete's rig for it. A wizard.

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